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The Great Minnesota Rock Hunt*

What types of rocks can you find in Minnesota? There are many kinds of rocks in Minnesota, including the Lake Superior Agate, the official Minnesota gemstone! See if you can find them all in this word find game.

Christmas Picture Quiz

Da Vista Agates found some great Christmas agates and you can see them in this fun Christmas Quiz. Thank you, Da Vista Agates, for finding these special Christmas agates and sharing them with us!

Puzzles of the Week

Interested in having your photo featured as Puzzle of the Week? Just send your image to Susan along with the name of the photographer and any type of description that should be displayed with the image. For example, we can include name of the owner, a link to your website or Facebook page, a description of where the agate was found, or story about how it was found or acquired.

Garden Rose

Photo by Dave Reed

This beauty is a Fairburn Agate that Dave brought with him from South Dakota.

Superior Flower

Photo by Dave Reed

This was Dave's first LSA find after moving to Minnesota. Mark Bowen did the beautiful dome polish.

Link to Facebook Post

Fairburn Flower

Photo by Dave Reed

Fairburns are as beautiful as flowers in the spring.

Beach Treasure

Photo by Mark Bowen

This beauty was found and photographed by Mark Bowen.

Grinding Gears

Photo by Da Vista Agates

This is a fortification and tube agate which explains the bullseyes on it. In addition, there are sagenite sprays on both the top and bottom.

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Monday Morning Bliss

Photo by Jess Belwood

This is a photo of Brighton Beach on Lake Superior and was featured on the Destination Duluth Facebook page.

Facebook Page of Twin Ports Images

Banded Amour

Photo by Jess Belwood

Agates in the collection of Jess Belwood of Twin Ports Images

Facebook Page of Twin Ports Images

Spring Bouquet

Photo by Paula Owens-Kruschke

This is an eastern upper Peninsula Michigan agate that Paula acquired. It is water washed and it was found on a beach in water.

Pink Bliss

Photo by Paula Owens-Kruschke

This beauty was found in the eastern upper Peninsula in Michigan. Bob Wright is the lapidary artist. Paula acquired this agate from the person in Michigan who found it.

Merry Christmas

Photo by Da Vista Agates

This is a collection of agate pictures that was posted by Da Vista Agates on Facebook. The agates in the picture look like a Stocking, Christmas tree, Santa Hat, Drum, Spiral Ham, and an Olive.

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Natural Beauties

Photo by Bob Wright

This is a photograph of some agates in the collection of Bob Wright, owner of the Facebook page, "Lake Superior Agate Collectors".

Lake Superior Agate Collectors Facebook Page

Crazy Lace

Photo by Da Vista Agates

Used with permission of Da Vista Agates.

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Banded Beauty:

Photo by James Pinter

Close up of an Agate from Lake Superior in Michigan. Copyright: jamespintar / 123RF Stock Photo

Image from 123RF

Lake Superior Beach

Photo by Jason Ross

Smoothed stones along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan". Copyright: wirepec / 123RF Stock Photo

Puzzle from 123RF