"Nana, is this a geode?"

The Flying Geode Ninja

The Pink Princess

This is the website of The Flying Geode Ninja, the Pink Princess, and their Nana. This website teaches kids to love hunting for rocks.

The Flying Geode Ninja Story

***Once upon a time, there was a boy who calls himself The Flying Geode Ninja. He lived in a house with his mom, his dad, and little sister, who he calls, "The Pink Princess".

One year for Christmas, Nana gave The Flying Geode Ninja and The Pink Princess each three ugly round rocks for Christmas. They weren't even smooth rocks—they were gray outside and all bumpy and rough.

The Flying Geode Ninja said out loud, "Thank you for the rocks, Nana." But he thought to himself, "Why did my nana give me some stupid rocks for Christmas?"

Then Nana explained, "Those are not just any rocks. They are geodes, and they have real crystals growing inside them!"

So The Flying Geode Ninja, The Pink Princess, Nana and Papa went outside with the geodes. Nana showed The Flying Geode Ninja and The Pink Princess how to put the rocks into a sock and hit them with a hammer.

The Flying Geode Ninja hit the first rock with the hammer. He had to hit it a few times, but it wasn't long until he felt the rock break apart with the blow of the hammer.

He looked at the broken geode inside the sock, and he said, "Wow! There are crystals inside of the rock! Beautiful white crystals! Look!" Then he was very excited to open his other Geodes. He helped The Pink Princess crack open her Geodes too. By the time they were done breaking all the Geodes, the sock was ripped to shreds and they had a lot of pieces of geodes.

The Flying Geode Ninja was very excited to find more geodes. He looked everywhere for them. His dad bought him some safety glasses, a hammer, and a magnifying glass so he could look at the crystals.

One day his Nana and Papa took The Flying Geode Ninja and The Pink Princess on a little day trip to a place where you could find LOTS of beautiful rocks and GEODES. They all climbed down a hill to see the lake, and Papa saw a rattlesnake! The Pink Princess screamed, but The Flying Geode Ninja wanted to see it. They scrambled back up the hill to the car.

So they all went back to the car. Then they went to another place to look for rocks—a place where there isn't a snake.

"Look, Nana! I think this is a geode!" It wasn't a very big rock. It was the size of a golf ball. But it looked like a geode on the outside.

"Put on your safety glasses, and let's crack it open." , said Nana.

The Flying Geode Ninja popped it open, and there were some small crystals inside. It was definitely a small geode. Then they found some more rocks, and when they cracked them open some turned out to be geodes, but some were not.

Then The Flying Geode Ninja found a big rock that looked like a geode on the outside, but it was buried in the dirt. He dug out the rock with the claw on his hammer. It was the size of a grapefruit.

Nana said, "Are you sure you want to break it open? You could have Daddy cut it with a saw instead."

"No, I want to pop it open right now!" said The Flying Geode Ninja.

He put on his safety glasses, hit the rock with his hammer and popped it open. It was a beautiful citrine geode!

Nana took a picture of The Flying Geode Ninja with his geode, and sent it to his mom and dad. It was the best rock The Flying Geode Ninja had ever found in his life!

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